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I'm totally hooked on these lozenges!: {Urinal Wisdom.}

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Who doesn’t love the Norwegian absurdist comics collective Dongery? They’ve been celebrated in comic circles for years. They owned pre-prom SPX, they are like The Goon Show or Your Show of Shows of Scandanavian comics. And Bendik? Bendik is the hair-combed, shirt-buttoned-properly New York Times illustrating over-achiever of the bunch. They’re all great. But he’s the one who sent me a book and looked deeply into my eyes for an uncomfortably long time!

Using the word “absurdist” to describe something seems like a cop-out; like saying something is “crazy” or “on acid!” but it’s actually what Bendik is doing. All his work starts from an odd phrase or idea and runs from there until he’s bored. Narrative and sensibleness are out the window. Is there a series of strips about a petulant teen called BUM! that ran in a Norwegian newspaper printed here with the online complaints about how unfunny those strips were—yes there is!! Is there a purposefully badly drawn and written fantasy strip here? OF COURSE! Private jokes? Yup. Beautiful watercolors inspired by the thick Norwegian forest? Yes,

ADULT CONTEMPORARY is in your store right now! Get over there. Check it out. It’s gorgeous and puzzling and hilarious and spiteful and a rare thing. This is classic old-school screwball stuff in a shiny new suit that fits perfectly. Except the pants are a little short.