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Moominmamma's Maid: IN STORES NOW!

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Oh sweet babies, it's December! Batten down the metaphorical hatches and your actual window hatches, because it is damn cold and damn dark (unless you're in Los Angeles, and it is damn "mildly brisk"). Everyone has their cold weather routines to stay sane (mine is a book, a Colombian cumbia record, and some red, red wine). Whatever your routine is, I can tell you right now that the Moomins are going to pair nicely with it.

What’s that, then? A fabulous new colour Moomin book fresh off the presses? In stores in the USA as of last Tuesday and in stores in Canada TODAY? Please do let me tell you all about it. Moominmamma's Maid finds our favourite mama self-conscious about her housekeeping when faced with the Martha Stewart-level juggernaut that is Mrs. Fillyjonk. Feeling guilty and reprimanded, Moominmamma hires a maid, the small and easily frightened Misabel. Even though Misabel is a bit of a dour presence, with a persecution complex that makes her difficult to soothe, it's hard not to want her to be happy, what with her hardworking attitude and love of apple picking.

Befriended by Snorkmaiden, who, despite her oft-jealous lifestyle, is actually always around to support other women in the Moominverse (‘atta girl!) and challenged by Moominmamma, Misabel slowly begins to let her guard down, assert herself, and come to appreciate all the things that make her special. It's constantly incredible to me how much Tove Jansson can accomplish in so little space; her emotional intelligence and graceful expressions of joy are always incredible to read.

This is the first Moomin book I’ve done production on from start to finish, and it’s very dear to my heart. When I was growing up, my mother was a maid, and sometimes she’d call my school and pretend I was sick so I could go hang out with her (thanks, mom!) She’d let me ride the vacuum and would roll me up in the blankets and swing me around and all sorts of fun stuff like that. In a nutshell, my mother is the Moomin family. And I’m a better human being for all that Moomin-minded behaviour.

Actually, add that to your winter routine to stay sane: if you have a nice family that treats you well, give ‘em a hug and say you were inspired by these sweet, wise, little Moomins. And then if you’re really feeling Moominy (Moominish?), stack your dishes until it rains and do them then! WHY NOT?