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Seth's Nothing Lasts: Quite the show, I'd say.

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Alison and I had the pleasure of heading down to New York a couple weeks back. Though not officially a business trip, it was CAB weekend and also the opening of Seth's exhibit—Nothing Lasts—at Adam Baumgold Gallery. Needless to say, we took advantage of both these things and got some good comics hanging in. I have to say though, the highlight was definitely getting to catch up with Seth, and take a close look at his gorgeous artwork. The show is up until December 19, so if you are in or around New York, you've got very few excuses not to go clap your eyes.

Here's the handsome artist himself, with gallerist Adam Baumgold, a true comics supporter who we are grateful to have on our side.

I had never seen Seth's Dominion buildings in real life before, so this was particularly fascinating. The whole city was not on display, but two buildings were. Very cool.

And the bulk of the show, a good chunk of Seth's impressive memoir, Nothing Lasts, which is being serialized in Palookaville. The show displays the second instalment, but also the unpublished third, which won't see print for at least a year.

It was a real Canadian reunion that night, with Jillian Tamaki and Michael DeForge enjoying the show. Here's Seth admiring an advance copy of Michael's new coming-of-age comic, Big Kids, due out in early February. 

Look there's no way to caption this picture without pointing out how good we all look. Deal with it.

And lastly, Seth covers—quite beautifully—the New Yorker this week. Here's their blog post about it. Go read! And buy. It'll be a great edition of the mag to add to your favourite New Yorker covers collection.