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Nick Drnaso's Beverly: Welcome to the suburbs

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Sometimes you take all the photos and don't realize you're using the well-loved office copy until the very last minute. When you buy this book, it will be crisp-edged, I promise. But I will also note that it's rare an office copy gets this tattered. This lone copy got passed around, fought over—I saw Julia hiding in the corner one day kissing it. Nick Drnaso's Beverly made us all behave like animals.

Beverly collects six short stories, though it doesn't function like a basic short-story collection; it functions like Junot Diaz's This is How You Lose Her, or Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad. The stories are interconnected, the characters shared, the themes linked—the result is a complete work of fiction that paints a dark, humorous, tragic, heartbreaking picture of suburban life and the people who live it.

Trying to articulate how this book makes me feel is making my chest ache. It's all too real, yet alien, affecting yet distant. In short, a chilling depiction of coming of age in modern America. 

And of course there is more to Beverly than just the words; the artwork is perfectly suited for the stories told, with spare lines and an expert palette.

Beverly is in stores January 26, just when you've finished all your books-received-as-christmas-gifts and are hungry for something better than mom chose ;) Nick will be on tour in February so watch this space for more details!