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NYC: Brian Chippendale launch Feb 19th and CHICAGO: Nick and Brian Feb 20th!

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NY: Brian Chippendale is in town tonight to continue his glorious February Puke Force Tour! You can find him tonight Friday February 19th at Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn at 7pm

Brian spoke with Abraham Resiman at Vulture, where they discussed Brian's early comic experiences, the art of doodling, and the all too real theme of lives governed by fear. Abraham also noted: "If there’s a single adjective that unites Brian Chippendale’s work as drummer and vocalist for seminal noise-rock band Lightning Bolt and his work as the creator of avant-garde comics, it’s this one: raw." The Village Voice hopes to see how "Puke Force feels like reading a haunted picture book under a strobe light" for yourself, listing this exciting event as a Friday night to-do. 

For a raw comics-filled night, head to Desert Island tonight folks. See you there!

The fun continues into the weekend too! Brian will be in Chicago tomorrow night, and this time he'll be accompanied by local and epic talent Nick Drnaso! Head to Quimby's Books, 1854 W. North Ave Saturday February 20th at 7pm.

Brian will be doing the usual selling and signing of Puke Force books, and Nick will be doing the same for his critically acclaimed debut, Beverly. Janet Potter at The Chicago Reader praised "Drnaso's stories and characters, and perhaps his view of the world [as] difficult to watch, achingly realistic, and all too familiar." Read the full review here. Kim Steele at New City Lit calls Beverly, " intelligent debut graphic novel from a young author from Chicago. It sticks with you after you read it, the scenes flitting through your head like an eerie dream you can’t quite wake up from."

All in all, Chicago this is sure to be just the Saturday comics night you need. We can't wait to see you there!