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PROVIDENCE, RI: Puke Force Tour Concludes Tonight!

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Annnd that's a wrap on what has been a true Tour De Puke Force this past February. Thanks to everyone that's joined in on the tour, and for those of you who still haven't — there's a final stop for you tonight in Brian Chippendale's hometown of Providence, RI.

Head to Ada Books, 717 Westminster St.  at 7pm. Brian Chippendale who Vice recently praised as "creating comics that blend hyper-dense visuals, rollicking action sequences, goofy slice-of-underpaid-artist-life humor, and biting political satire" will be there discussing the book The A.V Club has called "without question, the first masterpiece of 2016." Finally, if you haven't yet, grab a coffee, sit yourself down and read through Brian's stellar conversation with Anya Davidson at The Comics Journal to get yourself in the real Puke Force mood.

See you tonight, Providence!