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Walt and Skeezix 1931–1932: In stores today!

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It's been almost 95 years to the day since baby Skeezix was deposited on Walt Wallet's doorstep, so what better way is there to mark the occasion of this near-centennial event? Arriving in stores today, the seventh volume of Frank King's Walt & Skeezix moves into the 1930s, just before Skeezix hits his teenage years.

King was a master of the type of gentle, low-key storytelling that slowly unfolded over weeks and months. One of the main stories in this volume focuses on a long road trip that the Wallet family takes throughout what seems to be most of the continent, including parts of Mexico and Canada. Walt's doctor informs him that he needs to to take a break in order to avoid exhaustion, so naturally the family (minus the younger Corky) packs up their bags and prepares for the months-long automotive odyssey, all of which was done decades before the highway system was built. The lengthy travelogue becomes a showcase for King's beautiful observational drawings, with architectural landmarks in major cities the focus of many of the strips.

As always, this new volume is lovingly designed by Chris Ware, who also provides a preface, along with commentary accompanying King family photos and related ephemera. And of course no Frank King book would be complete without Jeet Heet, who provides another authoritative, well researched, and engaging essay.