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Brecht Evens's PANTHER: In stores today!

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Brecht Evens stunned the comics industry last night at midnight by surprise dropping his latest masterpiece.

Were we, as the devoted comics reading public, ready for Panther?

Once again, Brecht takes a leap forward from his already accomplished work—The Wrong Place and The Making Of—with Panther, a shift from adult nightlife to a child’s world.

While Brecht draws some of his most gorgeous and playful images here, the story is probably his darkest, trippiest, and, yet, funniest to date.

The joy I get from reading Panther's dialogue is hard to beat. Brecht knows this character so well, from his intonations, to his word choices, to the way he moves his shape-shifting body. 

And the sadness in this book is so real, palpable, from Christine's grief after losing her pet cat, Lucy, to her longing for her new friend, Panther, to her loss of innocence... This book will make you feel things, as it envelopes you.

Panther is in stores today. I know I say this every time BUT I really would not recommend putting this one off. It's quite spectacular.