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Club Life in Moominvalley by Tove Jansson: Overachievers unite in our latest Moomin Colour, in stores now!

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I swear, every time I describe the plot of Club Life in Moominvalley (Moominmamma is rejected from a boys' club, finds an alternative, ends up overloading her schedule with conflicting organizations, and finally makes her own dang club) to my fellow D&QTs, they nod knowingly and carry on about their business. This is because Tove Jansson's stories are so universal and feminist in their bones that of course a group of professional ladies would know what it feels like to be denied admittance (whether literally or subtly) into a club, only to say, "Eff this, y'all, I'm making my own!" 

But I'm getting ahead of myself here! As usual, Club Life is gorgeous, with almost every panel delighting with a fabulous pose, a new costume, a mesmerizing backdrop. Honestly, Club Life in Moominvalley has some of the most inspiring and formalistically brilliant backdrops and scenes I've ever seen. Just look at this nighttime mountain scene, with Moominmamma and Moomin in disguise to meet Stinky's gang of robbers: 

It's too much for my little Moomin-loving heart to bear. And here, just another way Tove plays with the newstrip format in exciting ways, with a full length doggy panel! 

So, dear readers, may your club be bold, brave, and led by you (yes, you!), and may you also get all your life advice from the Moomin family. <3 

Club Life in Moominvalley is in stores now, so grab it from your local bookstore today. YES, TODAY!