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The one and only Chester Brown is in Montreal: Tonight and all weekend!

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In this tech-savvy age, I don't get to hear the voices of our cartoonists very often, unless something urgent comes up or we are face to face at a convention. Chester Brown is the exception. This spring, I had the delight of calling him up almost every day and rattling off interview requests, potential book events, and so on. And without fail, during every conversation Chester was a delight.

Now, finally, FINALLY, he's coming to Montreal to launch his April 2016 New York Times bestseller, Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus, with all of us here at DQHQ. Mary Wept is really really good. But you don't have to take my word for it - if you're in Montreal, you have all kinds of chances to get your books signed and learn about Mary Wept from the man himself.

Tonight, Chester will be at the Librairie D+Q (211 Bernard O) at 7 pm. And Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, he'll be in Parc Lafontaine at the Festival BD de Montreal.

As you see above, he'll be signing all three days and you can find the full schedule here. On Saturday at 3 pm, he'll have a feature presentation where he'll be in conversation with Montreal Gazetteer Ian McGillis, and on Sunday at 1 pm he'll participate in a round table discussion about comics and sexuality. Truly, a weekend replete with rad Chester Brown events.

For the rest of you readers not in Montreal on this glorious weekend, let me share what some of the reviewers have been saying!

"One of the most provocative and spiritual comics of the year."―The Fader

"This book of lay Biblical scholarship is simultaneously idiosyncratic, meticulous, imaginative and heretical... Mary Wept brims over with earnest faith and compassion."―NPR

"Brown has once again produced a graphic novel of rare and striking intelligence."―The Rumpus

"[Mary Wept] includes stories about Ruth, Bathsheba, Tamar, Job, and, of course, Mary of Bethany. Brown... advocates for the legalization of sex work and respect for its practitioners."―Salon

"Chester Brown’s Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus may be the most provocative comic book published this year... Though he tells familiar stories, Brown often pushes them in surprising―and sometimes even shocking―directions... Brown defends [his] conclusion[s] in a series of lengthy exegetical endnotes that capture both the scope of his inquiries and the shape of his own fascinations.”―Slate Book Review

"…this graphic interpretation of tales of sex and personal politics from the Bible is revelatory and brilliant. That Brown is an excellent artist is a given, but the research and documentation here is scholarly and insightful."―Miami Herald

"Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus is a spiritual successor, of sorts, to the acclaimed 2011 memoir/manifesto Paying For It... In a way, the 55-year-old Brown has been building toward this book, which combines a deep interest in Christian theology and sex-work advocacy, his entire career."―Globe & Mail

"Brown here is, as always, an original thinker, and his take on the Good Book is oddly uplifting."―Macleans

See you tonight!