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Lisa Hanawalt's Hot Dog Taste Test: In stores today!

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We had a lot of impressive plans for a book trailer for Lisa Hanawalt's Hot Dog Taste Test that involved getting some otters for the office (CUTE!) and Tom filming me out in the snow eating ice cream. But then in marched spring and I just had to sadly eat the ice cream at my desk, each slurp a reminder of our unrealized goals. This is life. This is fine. And who really cares about all that because Hot Dog Taste Test is IN STORES TODAY.

Like My Dirt Dumb Eyes, Lisa's first book, Hot Dog Taste Test collects a whole slew of colourful, crass, poignant, completely original, and most of all, completely hilarious comics from one of today's very funniest and most talented people.

And it's this exquisite combo of humour and just plain solid cartooning/arting chops that make Hot Dog Taste Test so mouth watering.

I don't often insert blurbs into blog posts because THIS IS MY TIME! Shoo famous person that has something nice to say. But I'll make an exception for Amy Sedaris (swoon) who says this: "Frankly speaking, you should get off your buns and go buy this book—you'll relish it."

Whether she's designing beautiful/sick clothing, killing it over on Bojack Horseman with FKA Pigs jokes, or smooshing clay into gorgeous shapes, Lisa pulls it all off so perfectly. No matter how diverse the outcome, there's never any doubt about whether something she's worked on has passed through her skillful hands. 

Included in the book is also this extended story, a diary of sorts that covers a recent trip to Argentina (where her mom is from), that Lisa took with her family. It's very personal, and shows a slightly different side of Lisa (while still of course being completely Lisa). I found it all so endearing to get to know Lisa a little bit better, and made me love the rest of the book even more <3


Hot Dog Taste Test is in stores today. It pairs perfectly with a sunny day, a rainy day, a bag a chips, an expensive meat thing, a rosé even. So head on down to your local shop so your day can be a bit more colourful, willya?