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National Hot Dog Day at SDCC and beyond

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I know you guys were thinking, "how odd that D+Q never celebrates National Hot Dog Day." But frank-ly, dear reader, the truth is that we have been celebrating National Hot Dog Day (NHDD for short, we're all about efficiency here at D+Q) pretty much every day since our own NHDD - June 14th, when Hot Dog Taste Test hit stores. Now that the world has caught up to us, please: take this opportunity to revel in our hot doggy world. And if you're at San Diego Comic-Con, don't forget that Lisa is a special guest of the show, which means you can partake in a little taste test of Hot Dog Taste Test and get it signed by her too!


Today she's signing from 11 to 12 and from 5 to 6 at D+Q booth 1629. She'll also be speaking on the D+Q after 25 panel in Room 8, with Lynda Barry, Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, and Peggy Burns, moderated by Hillary Chute. And on Sunday you can catch Lisa signing at the D+Q booth from 11 to 12:30.

If you're not in San Diego, several amazing profiles of Lisa went up just this week and I recommend gobbling them up: you can find Lisa at the Washington Post, Fusion, and The Ringer.

On to the D+Q hot dog celebrations across the continent:


At San Diego Comic Con


A typical Saturday morning in Montreal

From our graphic novel book club

Throwback hot dog man at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, photo stolen from Paul Callis's instagram