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Happy International Marlys Day!

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The one and only, marvelous Marlys has been released unto the world with a newly expanded edition. NPR recently called the collection "rich with uncomplicated fun," with Boing Boing hailing Lynda Barry as "never inauthentic, and never less than brilliant." To celebrate this joyous occasion, we asked Lynda Barry fans from around the world to share their favourite Marlys memories and panels via social media. The people listed below will be the twenty lucky recipients of a brand new 'Comic Book Marlys' tote bag (in no particular order):

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Summer Pierre (@summer.pierre): "Did I hear that it's#internationalmarlysday ? Here's my Marlys I bought from LB in 2001 for $25!! One of my prized possessions." (Image)

Alli Katz (@allikatz): "One of my top five life moments involved hanging out with her & some of my best pals, and one of my top ten embarrassments was the time I saw her on the street in Philly and fan girled so hard I scared her." (Image)

Marjorie Ingall (@MarjorieIngall): "As promised: I dress in tribute." (Image)

Regina Marie Woodard (@moxievee): "Reading a little Lynda Barry in the garden" (Image)

Jen K (@grace_fell): "Marlys knows all sorts of useful information like how you should disguise your dogs if the campground doesn't allow them, how to do bogus yoga if you are lame at PE, how to draw girls with great hair-dos, and how to beautify your neighborhood with impromptu ballet performances. Oh how I love Marlys and Lynda Barry." (Image)


(Our beloved publisher Peggy Burns dressed as Marlys Mullens)

Sam Szabo (@brainboogerindustries): "Back when I was an angsty 20 year old, I had to draw a comic for a creative writing class. Lynda Barry saw it and said she liked it. I immediately cancelled all my goals for the future and told my mom I was a cartoonist 4 life. Also, I got this big honkin tattoo." (Image)

J. Fact (@frequentgong): "#lyndabarry perfectly captures the otherwise non-noteworthy moments and turning them into portals to times that are both simultaneously far away and present." (Image)

Gina (@ginasles): "Hard to resist an excuse to prove I was a student in the greatest class of all time." (Image)

Janice Headley (@copaceticxo): "marlys the kitty is pretty excited about #internationalmarlysday! love 4-ever!" (Image)

Celia Perez (@celiacperez): "Lynda Barry is the best because in 1996 I wrote to her and asked if she'd draw something for is to use in our wedding. She wrote back and said we could use any image. [...] Tried making T-shirts as favors but did a terrible job with the screen and only one shirt came out, still have it almost 19 years later. And look! We got married on August 16! International Marlys Day!"



Molly Gray (@professorteenager): "Lynda barry is a genius of all things magic - she captures the emotional landscape of kids' interior lives, the super right-on & bummer-riding hard stuff. and she makes us remember, that resonance of wonder isn't something we have to give up as we grow up. Marlys is the greatest cuz she's the uninhibited butt dancer, the bratty kid sister diary snooper, the up all night til the birds sing slumber partier, and all-around unstoppable dreamer of dreams."

J. Duvernay (@jduverneay): "Marlys is the greatest because she helped me feel like being a weirdo freakazoid was completely justifiable and funny. Read my first Lynda Barry as a library assistant in highschool and thought of marlys... My people! These are my people!! I am not aloneeeeeee!!! [...]"

Helga Stroya (@helga_d_stroya): "Lynda Barry is the queen of my heart. She's the reason I love, read, and write comics. She was the first person to show me comics didn't have to be about superheroes or space."

Melissa Burgess (@melissab1381): "I was lucky enough to meet her last summer at her "Writing the Unthinkable" workshop. I love her because she encouraged me, inspired me, listened to me, and even created a song about finishing my dissertation just for me that I now sing to myself anytime I feel overwhelmed. She's the most amazing person I've ever met."

Alana Kumbier (@alanakumbier): "I love that Lynda Barry and Marlys inspired me to draw [...] I also love that both of them are proud friends to queer folks like me."



Julie (@scarletgate): "I love Lynda Barry because she is brave in sharing what she knows and touches special places inside this pimply awkward freak of me ~her comics inspire me and make me feel more like continuing~"

Rosanna Bruno (@aslantedlife): "Marlys = genius! [...] Lynda Barry is the humanest of humans & superhero all at once." 

Rex Parker (@rexparker): "Sea Puppet Marlys!" (Image)

Isaac Cates (@DrIsaacCates): "I routinely use "The Marlys Guide to Mud" on the final exam in my graphic novel course."

Naomi (@knitthesundown): "Lynda Barry has meant a lot to me since I first read her comics and Marlys has always inspired me with her strength (and saddened me because she needs it so much). Lynda Barry also gave me one of the best hugs ever when I met her at a reading, and was the nicest person I've ever interviewed."


Thank you to everyone who participated in your International Marlys Day contest!

For more information about this release, click here