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Tom Gauld's Mooncop: In stores now!

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It's always quite miraculous to me after a cartoonist spends so long on a book, and then we spend so long producing it, and then all the waiting waiting waiting for all the printing and shipping to happen that books finally complete this whole dog of a process and eventually show up in stores. What a business this is! Today (well, yesterday), was Tom Gauld's special day. Mooncop, his latest elegantly crafted comic, is now in stores. 

Inspired by broken childhood promises of moon colonization, Mooncop tells the story of a moon colony at the end of its boom, where most of the citizens have given up and returned to earth, and all that remains are space-age buildings that have seen better days, (somewhat incompetent) robots that fill the vacant shop positions, and a few lonely souls—plus a moon dog. It's everything that technology promised to be, back when people were excited about automation, except the real version of it, where things break and maybe the sterile constructed environment is not actually groovy, but a little bit sad and cold. 

Told in Tom's deadpan humour, this story of failure somehow ends up being a story of hope, and a celebration of the human condition, leaving this reader longing, and aching a little, but also kinda delighted about being a human. Tom's paired-down and hatch-up cartooning style pairs perfectly with the content, making Mooncop one of the most delightful and thoroughly enjoyable comics out this season. 

So head on down to your local shop and pick up a copy. And take a look at what's left of Tom's tour, 'cause boy it's nice to hear cartoonists talk about their work. And in case you missed it before, here's this stellar trailer Marcela made for the book :)