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D+Q's Spring 2017 list: Delisle, Gravel, Pond, Seth, Sturm, Tamaki, and more!

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The fall is chugging along splendidly here, and as our final books of 2016 are poised to hit stores, we’re looking ahead to our spring list. Don’t forget that you can find our winter list in PDF format here. I couldn’t be more excited about the wonderful titles we have in store for you next spring! 

Our list features master cartoonist Guy Delisle moving in a new direction with his nonfiction; charming stories of everyday life from award-winning cartoonist duo Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berberian; a playful how-to guide for young artists by Elise Gravel; a raucous memoir by Mimi Pond; a brand new addition to Seth's famous Palookaville serial; a reprint of an iconic James Sturm tale; an ethereal and wry collection by Jillian Tamaki; and of course, further entries in our Kitaro and Moomin series.

Read on to learn more about these books and click through on the titles to be transported to that book’s page on our website, complete with excerpt and more. Our spring catalog is also available in a beautiful PDF here.


The Customer is Always Wrong

By Mimi Pond

Welcome back to Oakland’s Imperial Café, where good food and depraved people are plentiful. In her second memoir, Mimi Pond picks up where Over Easy left off, breezily bringing to life a cast of characters who are equal parts endearing, comical, and sleazy. As aspiring artist Madge’s comics career begins to take off, several of the Café regulars begin to spiral downward. Touching and Pond’s gifted storytelling makes The Customer is Always Wrong a real pageturner. 

In stores April 18, 2017! $29.95 US & $32.95 CDN / 6.3" x 8" / 448 pages / two-color / Hardcover / 9781770462823



By Guy Delisle, translated by Helge Dascher

Fifteen years in the making, this is a landmark graphic novel for Guy Delisle: a riveting nonfiction work drawn from the real-life experiences of Christophe Andre, a kidnapped Doctors Without Borders employee.  Over 400 pages long, Hostage takes us deep into the daily grind of being held captive, and asks important questions about freedom and survival. 

In stores May 2, 2017! $29.95 US & $32.95 CDN / 6.1" x 8.5" / 432 pages / two-color / Hardcover / 9781770462793

The Golem’s Mighty Swing

By James Sturm

We couldn’t be more excited to reissue James Sturm’s classic graphic novel, The Golem’s Mighty Swing.  Every line Sturm pens in this book is powerful and rich with meaning. Each scene builds toward the devastating crescendo, and every time I pick it up, I get swept into the fever dream of mythology, sports, social striving, and Americcanness that Sturm packs into The Golem’s Mighty Swing

In stores May 16, 2017! $17.95 US & $19.95 CDN / 6" x 8" / 120 pages / two-color / Paperback / 9781770462830

It Don’t Come Easy

By Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, translated by Helge Dascher

These are gorgeous and oh-so-relatable tales of life, love, and anxiety, as detailed through the experiences of Monsieur Jean, Dupuy and Berberian’s beloved protagonist. Drawn in warm colors with an eye for the gentle humor that permeates both our woes and our joys, Dupuy and Berberian’s Monsieur Jean stories capture daily life and its attendant frustrations with charm and elegance.  

In stores May 23, 2017! $21.95 US & $24.95 CDN / 6.8" x 9" / 224 pages / four-color / Paperback / 9781770462885

Palookaville 23

By Seth

This volume of Palookaville offers the long-awaited final chapter in the Clyde Fans serial – including the “ecstatic vision” that set Simon Matchcard on a path towards isolation. Apart from that, Palookaville 23 includes some of Seth’s recent fine art work and a new selection from his acclaimed autobiographical work “Nothing Lasts,” tracing his memories from late childhood into a brooding adolescence. The whole thing is, of course, lavishly packaged with consideration for every element, down to the last ampersand. 

In stores May 30, 2017! $22.95 US & $24.95 CDN / 6.3" x 8.5" / 104 pages / full color / Hardcover / 9781770462816



By Jillian Tamaki

NEW JILLIAN TAMAKI: start spreading the news! Boundless collects Tamaki’s short stories of the past few years, including those produced for Hazlitt and her award-winning Frontier comic, SexCoven. Each story captures something intangible about being alive today - life’s frailties, its awkwardness, and its passions – and does so with Tamaki’s distinctive humor and sensitivity. Her artwork varies from story to story, employing scratchy lines and devastatingly apt details to perfect effect.

In stores June 6, 2017! $21.95 US & $24.95 CDN / 7" x 8.7" / 248 pages / four-color / Paperback / 9781770462878

If Found… Please Return to Elise Gravel

By Elise Gravel, translated by Helge Dascher

Elise Gravel’s If Found… is a sneak peek into Gravel’s sketchbook, but it’s also so much more: an instructional handbook of sorts for young aspiring artists. Inside, we encounter a plethora of brightly coloured monsters and grumpy creatures and a challenge to young artists to keep a sketchbook of their own. Gravel offers advice drawn from her own experiences, and If Found... is accessible, funny, and lively work drawn in vibrant colors that leap off the page.

In stores June 13, 2017! $17.95 US & $19.95 CDN / 6.5" x 9" / 100 pages / four-color / Hardcover / 9781770462786


Kitaro’s Strange Adventures

By Shigeru Mizuki, translated by Zack Davisson

Kitaro takes on a giant Cyclops, Blackbeard, a sea captain who’s trying to create hell on earth, and more! The longest story of this collection recounts a huge yokai-vs-yokai battle when a gang of Chinese yokai plot to enslave the Japanese populace. In addition to Mizuki’s legendary whimsical tales, translator Zack Davisson pens an essay on the history of Kitaro, and includes a selection of yokai files describing the powers of the various yokai our hero Kitaro confronts in Kitaro’s Strange Adventures.  

In stores July 11, 2017! $12.95 US & $14.95 CDN / 5" x 7.5" / 192 pages / black and white / Paperback / 9781770462861


Moomin and the Brigands

By Tove Jansson

This is the very first Moomin comic strip, dusted off and colored in a lovely palette. Relive the first meeting of Moomin and Snorkmaiden and watch Sniff try to scheme and scheme and scheme. 

In stores August 15, 2017! $9.95 US & $12.50 CDN / 8.5" x 6" / 40 pages / four-color / paperback / 9781770462854

And if you made it all the way down here, that’s our spring list! Thanks for reading.