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I just want to be alone in these woods!: Why can't I be alone in these woods?

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As the snow retreats from the Montreal sidewalks and streets and pieces of filthy garbage and dog feces surface, we know its time for another Michael DeForge graphic novel from Drawn & Quarterly. This year's gem is Sticks Angelica. Everytime I read this book I think it's about something else. Is it about how we never change even if we change our environment? Is it about how we can never escape our past and the mistakes of our parents? Is it about the act of biography itself and how it reveals more about the chronicler than the subject? Or is it simply about a woman named Sticks who lives in the woods and those who surround her?


Oh, whatever. As you would expect, Sticks Angelica is another visually stunning and hilarious and thoughtful comic from everyone's favourite Ontarian wiseacre. Why not name a character in your book Lisa Hanawalt? Why not make the character an anxious moose because Lisa draws herself as an anxious moose. Wait, maybe this book is about love in its many forms—unrequited, mutual, self, tortured, hero worship, nationalism?


Okay, I'll stop trying to "figure it all out." Oh, hey this is Michael's fourth (FOURTH!!) graphic novel for us. Amazing, right? It's in the comic store or bookstore next to your Air BnB TODAY. Go there and buy it.