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BERLIN 20!!: (it's in stores and there are two issues to go after this.)

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Let us not harp on when the last issue of BERLIN came out please! A new one is out now! A fresh bright red new issue! Issue Number Twenty.

PEOPLE! We are so close.

Okay, so Jason has delivered another solid tightly drawn, shockingly emotional mini-masterpiece. This is not a surprise. In this golden age of comics it can be easy to overlook some of our current masters. So don’t! This is a great comic by a great cartoonist. What else do you need? Comics like issue 20 of BERLIN hold treasures beyond just “what happens in this issue.”  A lot happens but if you are a student of the form then my gawd A LOT HAPPENS.

Please go to your comic store for crying out loud!

{Also, look we all know that we missed a big opportuntiy by not asking retailers to hold this book for a day so that it would come out on Hitler's birthday or as many call it 4/20. That's right. 420! After you buy the book just go look on reddit will you? There is a connection.}