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BOUNDLESS is in stores today!!: What are you waiting for?

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Okay, so Jillian Tamaki’s new book, Boundless,  is out today and while I think you should just go out and buy it and not listen to my blathering, I will say a couple of things about it.

I think what makes this book exceptional is how Jillian approaches people’s daily lives. The small gestures—she’s THE master of body language in comics; a hand limply holding a photograph, a patient dead stare, or a gaze weighted with betrayal and longing, a hand platonically placed on a lover’s shoulder, a turned back. And she’s a master of the off hand in dialogue, by focusing on the small things that occupy our minds rather than the large, she gets closer to how it is to live than so many others—a song, or Facebook, a skin cream, a TV show, or a movie. These are the things that fill our conversations even if we’re reaching for bigger things. The cumulative effect can be a real emotional gut-punch. 

So go out and get this book and get punched in the stomach! You won’t regret it!

Jillian has a few upcoming tour dates: catch her in New York at Greenlight Bookstore on Tuesday June 6th, where she's in conversation with Emily Gould; in Chicago at Quimby's on Friday June 23rd, in conversation with Jessica Campbell; at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on Saturday June 24th; and in San Francisco at Comix Experience for a signing and their graphic novel book club on Monday June 26th.