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D+Q exhibiting at TCAF 2017: Feat. debuts from Tamaki, Delisle, Gravel & more!

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Folks, are you attending TCAF this year? Good, because so are we! Come by and say hi at Booth #145, 148, 149, 150. We've got a great lineup of cartoonists joining us, and I'm sure you've been anticipating them all year with the surrounding buzz of their stunning recent releases, including Chester Brown, Michael DeForge, Guy Delisle, Elise Gravel, Jillian Tamaki, Joe Ollmann, Seth, and R. Sikoryak. They'll be signing at our booth both days and are featured on a number of great panels. You can find the full line-up of the schedule below, including their signing schedules.

The booth's also going to be filled with shiny debuts and fresh new releases, including Guy Delisle Hostage, of which The New York Review of Books said, "...its beat-by-beat, day-by-day scope, is ultimately a travelogue about the power of imagination," as well as copies of Boundless where Vulture finds "Jillian Tamaki boldly emerges as a new titan of the comics medium... The whole endeavor feels like Adrian Tomine meets Jorge Luis Borges, while also feeling like nothing we’ve seen before." Be sure to also pick up advances of NPR approved "... bright, colorful and quirky paean to drawing, imagination, and creativity" If Found... Please Return to Elise Gravel by Elise Gravel. Last but not least, we'll have advance copies of Seth's much anticipated Palookaville 23!

Check out a sneak below below along with the full schedule (TRL refers to the Toronto Reference Library, and for extended descriptions of any panel, please consult the TCAF website). See you this weekend, Toronto!

Saturday, May 13th, 9am-5pm

10-12: Chester Brown signing at D+Q Booth

10:30-11:30: Joe Ollmann signing at D+Q Booth

11:30-12:30: Guy Delisle signing at D+Q Booth

12-1: Jillian Tamaki signing at D+Q booth

12:15 PM – PANEL w/ Seth: Canadian Reading Series: Alt Canada at Hinton Learning Theatre (TRL)

1-2: Joe Ollmann signing at D+Q Booth

1:00 PM – PANEL: Draw Along with Elise Gravel at The Beeton Auditorium (TRL)

1:30 PM – PANEL: Spotlight on Guy Delisle at Forest Hill Ballroom (Marriott)

1:30 PM – PANEL: Spotlight: R. Sikoryak x Gary Panter at The Pilot

1:30-2:30: Seth signing at D+Q Booth

2-3: Elise Gravel signing at D+Q Booth

2:30-3:30: Guy Delisle and R Sikoryak signing at D+Q Booth 

2:45 PM – PANEL: Spotlight: Jillian Tamaki x Eleanor Davis at Forest Hill Ballroom (Marriott)

2:45 PM – PANEL w/ Michael DeForge: 21st Century Webcomics at High Park Ballroom (Marriott)

4-5: Michael DeForge and Jillian Tamaki signing at D+Q Booth

4:00 PM – PANEL w/ R. Sikoryak and Joe Ollmann: Comics Carousel at The Pilot


Sunday, May 14th, 10am-5pm

10:30 – PANEL: Make Your Own Sketchbook w/ Elise Gravel at The Beeton Auditorium (TRL)

11-12:30 Seth signing at D+Q booth

11:30-12:30: Elise Gravel signing at D+Q Booth

12:00 PM - PANEL w/ Michael DeForge: Koyama Press Spotlight at Hinton Learning Theatre (TRL)

12:30-1:30: Guy Delisle & R Sikoryak sign at D+Q Booth

1:30 PM – PANEL w/ Joe Ollmann: Telling Other People’s Stories: Comic Book Biography at Learning Centre (TRL)

1:30-2:30: Chester Brown signing at D+Q Booth

1:30-3: Jillian Tamaki signing at D+Q booth

2:30-3:30: Joe Ollmann signing at D+Q Booth

2:45 PM – PANEL w/ Guy Delisle: Canada 150 – Canada at Home and Abroad at Forest Hill Ballroom (Marriott)

3-4: Michael Deforge signing at D+Q Booth

3:30-4:30: Chester Brown signing at D+Q Booth

4-5: Guy Delisle signing at D+Q Booth