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D+Q announces Berlin on Washington Post

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Twenty-five years in the making, Drawn & Quarterly has acquired world English rights to the highly anticipated final volume in Jason Lutes’s Berlin trilogy in fall 2018. As announced today on the Washington Post, D+Q will be releasing the final instalment of the Berlin trilogy simultaneously as a single volume paperback titled Berlin: City of Light, as well as a deluxe hardcover of the complete trilogy of Berlin.

"Berlin will stand as a singular achievement in comics—an ambitious and detailed exploration of a fascinating time in history by a cartoonist operating at the peak of his talent, " stated Executive Editor Tom Devlin. "I've read the numerous chapters of Berlin many times over the years and each time I come away in awe of Jason Lutes' precision in portraying real people during a time so tumultuous that it could easily overshadow their humanity."

Meticulously drawn and researched, Jason Lutes’s Berlin is a swirling portrait of the twilight of the Weimar Republic and the nation’s imminent turn to fascism. Lutes’ wide lens intertwines the narratives of communists and Nazis, Jews and gentiles, jazz musicians and swingers, rich and poor. Many are so caught up in their personal dramas that they only occasionally notice the sea change overtaking the country. Lutes was recently featured in a segment on PRI’s The World that brought the turmoil of his drawn world into the present by setting his Berlin stories against the contemporary political climate. Serialized over the course of the past 18 years, Berlin is a high water mark of the graphic novel medium.

Berlin: City of Light and Berlin will be distributed in the US by Farrar, Straus & Giroux and in Canada by Raincoast Books.


Jason Lutes was born in New Jersey in 1967 and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1991. Upon graduation, he moved to Seattle, where he worked as an assistant art director at Fantagraphics Books and art director for The Stranger. He has published three graphic novels with Drawn & Quarterly: Jar of Fools, Berlin: City of Stones, and Berlin: City of Smoke.

Lutes lives in Vermont with his partner and two children, where he teaches comics at the Center for Cartoon Studies.


“[Berlin] will be the longest, most sophisticated work of historical fiction in the medium.”—Time

“The interweaving stories...give a human dimension to a seismic era. Mr Lutes's unsentimental black-and-white drawings are so understated that when violence erupts it has a jolt.”—Wall Street Journal

“Jason Lutes's Berlin: City of Stones and Berlin: City of Smoke offer a history of the city in a way that's accessible and yet mind-opening… three-dimensional characters, a dynamic plot and a well-drawn setting.”—NPR

“[Lutes details] a huge, humming city — a metropolis on the cutting-edge of science and art, but also on the crumbling foundations of a weak democracy.”—PRI The World

“[Berlin: City of Smoke] follows Germany’s slide toward catastrophe through the experiences of characters navigating the chaos of the disintegrating Weimar Republic… The fascist tide at first creeps gradually into Lutes’s graceful, tightly composed little panels, but... two-thirds of the way through, everything starts plummeting into hell much faster.”—New York Times Book Review

“Think of it as a graphic-novel equivalent of a foreign film—slow perhaps, but well acted and beautiful.”—Washington Post

“Lutes shows off his keen eye in the structure of his drawings. When a character dies, we see the world from ground level, fading in each frame until only a gaping white hole remains. When someone closes a door in the bottom-right frame, the next page opens on a new room.”—Literary Hub