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Adrian Tomine on The New Yorker : Aug 21, feat work in The New York Times!

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This Monday welcomes yet another poignant and reflective New Yorker cover from the one and only Adrian Tomine. Read all about it here, and be sure to get a copy on newsstands today! For this issue, Adrian reflects on the neuroses that arise in intended idyllic settings. New Yorkers and metropolitan residents all over will recognize the all too familar dichotomy perfectly captured above—with an intent to leave the dread of the bustling city, we seek refuge in the peace and serenity of its bordering nature, only to find our neuroses following suit. Regardless, we here at D+Q all love Adrian and his lovely family, so all the lovelier to see them out and about enjoying summer before we near its end.

There's more, there's more! You can also find Adrian's first contribution to The New York Times today in this smart, and incredibly insightful review of Akhil Sharma's latest work of fiction, A Life of Adventure and Delight. He remarks, "Throughout, Sharma adheres unwaveringly to Raymond Carver’s dictum of “no tricks,” telling his stories with bracingly direct, unassuming language." I, for one, am sold and intend to pick up a copy asap.

Finally, the complete original art from Shortcomings is officially available for purchase from Todd Hignite here. Thanks for all the Monday spoils, Adrian!