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The Cartoonist is Always Right!: and The Customer is Always Wrong

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THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG is in stores today and it is not hyperbole when I say that this book is a tour de force. One of the best things about being a comics editor is how much time you spend with a comic. You read it forward and backwards and fast and slow. All these months after completing work on this book I still marvel at the technical skill on display here. Mimi not only knows how to spin a yarn and set up a joke but she knows how to make a body occupy a room. For me, this is one of Mimi’s sneaky secret weapons—the body language of her characters is sublime. They swoon and storm and collapse and carry on like real people while maintaining a elasticity and minimalism found only in the finest caricature. For me, this is the power of THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG. It is, of course, a hilarious page-turning of a book and it is as expertly conceived as any comic ever made. 

Isn’t it a gorgeous summer, everyone?

You need to walk right down to your local bookstore or comic shop and DEMAND a copy. Right now! And Mimi is on tour starting this weekend. Check out all the details here!