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Seth's Palookaville 23: In stores now!

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Twenty years in the making, this issue of Seth's Palookaville contains the final chapter to Clyde Fans. That's a pretty big deal. Heck, that's a career defining milestone. We return to Simon Matchcard and the year 1957—exactly where we left off at the end of the first collected Clyde Fans volume. After his disastrous attempt at sales in the city of Dominion, we witness the out of body experience and ecstatic "vision" that sets Simon on his path of lonely isolation in the years to come. Reading this final installment was no less satisfying than you might imagine. Congratulations to Seth, for completing this epic cartooning endeavor so masterfully. 

But of course there's more—broken into three sections, we've also got part three of Nothing Lasts, Seth's memoir about growing up in small-town Ontario, and a collection of his paintings from an exhibit in Guelph in 2014, the first time he ventured to display his art in his own town. Imagine Seth being apprehensive? The paintings in this section feature iconic small town imagery, mostly surrounded in gold.

In Nothing Lasts we witness Seth's first encounters with love—first confusing crushes, first kisses, first time touching a breast—first time treating a woman poorly. The slow pace, honesty, and meandering ruminations—on memories and the nature of memory—make these sweet, episodic stories some of the best work Seth's produced to date. It's always a big hub-bub when I new installment gets delivered to our office. 

And I'm pretty sure each new Palookaville design becomes my "favourite" Palookaville design. But gosh darn this one will remain my favourite. Maybe. It's really very nice. From the colour palette to the subtle texture, it has a beautiful vintage look and feel that I just can't get enough of. And don't get me stated on these dang little characters! Cute. You guys, they're cute! 

Palookaville 23 is in stores now, just in time to be tacked on to your summer reading lists. But will it really keep the heat away?