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Present: To Be A Woman Is To Be A Volcano

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Is it too much to say that every comic Leslie Stein creates for Vice is perfect? Because that is what it feels like for me when I read them. She has created well over 50 beautiful and stunning diary comics of her life for the website. In stores today, is Leslie's newest collection Present, in her signature borderless watercolor dreamy style. 

Each entry is stunning and takes my breath away with how eloquently Leslie captures her life in NYC. 

It's not just her own psyche and life that Leslie poignantly captures, it's the lives and moments of those around her that she encounters with empathy and sincerity, humor and wit.

But that's not to say that her comics don't make me pause or that it's all just beautifully hued moments, there's nothing saccharine here. 

Leslie's approach to emotions is thoroughly nuanced, she doesn't pander. And while not in her collection, concidentally on the day of the book's release, I woke up  to a new Leslie strip on Vice and her take on the past week of news took my breath away...