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D+Q acquires Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal

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Drawn & Quarterly announced today on Gizmodo that it has acquired world rights to Aminder Dhaliwal’s debut graphic novel Woman World, expanded from her web comic of the same name.

"Aminder's Woman World is nothing short of an amazing feat, supplying many many laughs, tapping into feminist thought and introducing a new and vital humorist," said Peggy Burns, Publisher. "When the staff is in hysterics reading it, you know it's hit a nerve. Also, she’s Canadian! What can we say here, we're proud."

Woman World will be released in August 2018. It will be distributed in the US by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, in Canada by Raincoast Books, and in the UK by Publishers Group UK.


The hilarious and wildly popular Instagram comic about a world with no men

With her startling humor, it’s no surprise that Aminder Dhaliwal’s web comic Woman World has a devoted audience of over 120,000 readers, updated biweekly with each installment earning an average of 25,000 likes. Now, readers everywhere will delight in the print edition as Dhaliwal seamlessly incorporates feminist philosophical concerns into a series of perfectly-paced strips that skewer perceived notions of femininity and contemporary cultural icons. D+Q’s edition of Woman World will include new and previously unpublished material.

When a birth defect wipes out the planet’s entire population of men, Woman World rises out of society’s ashes. Dhaliwal’s infectiously funny instagram comic follows the rebuilding process, tracking a group of women who have rallied together under the flag of “Beyonce’s Thighs.” Only Grandma remembers the distant past, a civilization of segway-riding mall cops, Blockbusters movie rental shops, and “That’s What She Said” jokes. For the most part, Woman World’s residents are focused on their struggles with unrequited love and anxiety, not to mention that whole “survival of humanity” thing.

Woman World is an uproarious and insightful graphic novel from a very talented and funny new voice.


Aminder Dhaliwal is a native of Brampton, Ontario, and received a Bachelors of Animation from Sheridan College. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she is a Director at Disney TV Animation. Previously, she worked as a Storyboard Director at Cartoon Network and Storyboard Director on the Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig.  She has serialized Woman World biweekly on Instagram since March 2017 and has garnered over 120,000 followers. Woman World was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic.