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DQHQ PR: Marge's Little Lulu reprint series: beginning spring 2019

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In Spring 2019, Drawn & Quarterly will release the first of a multi-volume series of one of the most important comics of the twentieth century, the iconic Marge’s Little Lulu. Co-edited by D+Q Executive Editor Tom Devlin and scholar Frank M. Young, Little Lulu: Working Girl will be the first volume in a multi-volume hardcover reprint of the classic comics written by John Stanley. D+Q is proud to bring Marge’s Little Lulu to a new generation of readers.

Marge’s Little Lulu remains one of the greatest achievements in comics history, first created in 1935 by Marjorie Henderson Buell as a strip in the Saturday Evening Post, and expanded upon and brought to life in full colour in the classic Dell comics by journeyman John Stanley from 1945-1959. Marge’s Little Lulu is timeless with consistently inventive and laugh-out-loud funny stories of the battle between the sexes that are enjoyable to all ages. Stanley deftly defined the personalities of all the characters including Lulu’s foil, Tubby, the sidekicks Annie and Alvin, and most of all, Lulu herself. Stanley turns Lulu into a proto-feminist, someone who continually outsmarts the “fellers” who more often than not enlist her help in their neighborhood shenanigans. Stanley’s writing is charming and anarchic, featuring complex characters and absurd storylines that are utterly real as well as brusque, unpredictable, enchanting.

D+Q will restore the initial art and colouring for the first time since the initial publication of these hilarious and endearing comics seventy years ago. Co-editors Young and Devlin will contribute extensive writing on each story providing historical context for the comics and Stanley’s career.

Little Lulu: Working Girl will collect the first five issues of the Dell Four Colour Comics of Lulu appearances including #74 (June 1945), #97 (February 1946), #110 (June 1946), #115 (August 1946), #120 (October 1946), the first three of which written and drawn by Stanley.