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Shit is Real : {Seriously Real!!}

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Aisha Franz does something wonderful in her latest graphic novel, Shit is Real. She creates a futuristic world that is not that far removed from ours but just enough that it leaves the reader slightly disoriented. And like in Earthling, she continues to explore the inner lives of women in turmoil.

The story seems simple enough—Selma is dumped by her boyfriend and in her despair becomes obsessed with her mysterious cosmopolitan neighbor even going so far as to sneak into her apartment and start wearing her clothes. 

Selma looks to her best friend Yumi who is too wrapped up in her career and new relationship to provide the support that Selma needs. A new man catches Selma's eye and she tries to negotiate these changing relationships as she creates a new self.

Aisha deeply understands the fragility of human emotion and its ability to flare up or return to calm in an instant. Who are we and what do we really need?

This book is out today in your favorite bookshop! Found out why deb Olin Unferth said, "This exuberant, heartbreaking dream-story is so obviously the creation of a brilliant but twitchy mind. you might want to approach with caution." AND Sophia Foster-Dimino said, "This story draws you in like a dream…" AND Lauren Weinstein said, "Her book gives me hope."