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Coyote Doggirl Is In Stores Now!

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Yeehaw, we're so proud to be working with Lisa Hanawalt again! After two collections, My Dirty Dumb Eyes and Hot Dog Taste Test, Lisa's first graphic novel, Coyote Doggirl, is officially in stores. 

The book's protagonist is Coyote Doggirl herself—she's on the run from some bad dogs with no one to support her but her trusty steed, Red. The pair's one-sided conversations are extremely funny and though Doggirl seems like a lone wolf on the surface, her appreciation of Red's affection shows that she's really just a softy who loves adventurin'! As the two are settling down for the night, Doggirl tells Red, "It is so flattering to be sniffed by a tame animal," then a couple panels later, "Hey come back here..." when he is clearly more interested in sniffing around elsewhere. You can catch a glimpse of this dynamic in the Coyote Doggirl excerpt on the New Yorker.

Doggirl gets into trouble and eventually has to succumb to being helped by a pack of wolves. Despite her poor condition, Doggirl gets into tons of bratty, endlessly hilarious antics with the wolves. The pack ends up on the receiving end of loads of complaints, lewd cave paintings, and of course, a pair of leather britches each.

At the heart of all this silliness, Coyote Doggirl is such a joy to read because of its feminist message. Hanawalt is a longtime admirer of classic Westerns like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Searchers, and with Coyote Doggirl she turns this genre on its head while paying respect to it. Doggirl ventures into the unknown, sticks up for those in peril, and doesn't back down to the bad dogs who threaten her again and again.

The beautiful colours Hanawalt chooses in her depictions of the desert and its wildlife through night and day makes this graphic novel all the more enthralling to read. Put on your favourite crop, saddle up, and head to your local bookshop to grab a copy of Coyote Doggirl today! If you're in LA, Hanawalt will be moseying down to Skylight Books tomorrow (8/23) at 7pm. Check out the rest of her tour information, with stops in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Brooklyn, here