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Woman World is in stores now!: Who doesn't want to publish a funny book?

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It's not even a year ago that we received an email submission from fellow Canadian Aminder Dhaliwal. Pictured here at San Diego Comic-Con™ with fan Felicia Day. (Do you take submissions? This is a question we all field on a regular basis here at Drawn & Quarterly. Yes, we do and the instructions are on our website. No, we do not reply to every submission and yes, we do open each submission.) It was hard not to be charmed by a short and sweet submission that explained: "Woman World is a comedy following a group of women after men have gone extinct." And it was definitely harder to not be charmed by the comic itself. When reading the submission, we got hip to what 100,000 followers on Aminder's Instagram already knew, Aminder Dhaliwal is very very funny.

She can tell a joke.


Or two.

Or three. Who doesn't want to publish a funny book?

But serializing a comic on Instagram is different than a long-form book, and we admit we had no idea how Aminder was going to do it.

Above are pages 30 and 31 of the book, and the first instagram comic Aminder posted.

Above are pages 36 and 37, the third instagram comic. Aminder is a storyboard artist at Disney and has worked for many Hollywood animation companies, so she had a plan all along. When she turned in the book in early 2018, she turned in a complete, beautiful moving story arc that ruminates on identity, friendship, and belonging.

But still funny. 

P.S. Be sure to catch Aminder at SPX this weekend, in LA next week, and on the road during the rest of the fall.