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ART COMIC is in stores: The most glorious art to be made and seen by our eyes

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Matthew Thurber is a treasure. Is there anyone else in comics who mixes the high-brow and the low-brow with such aplomb? He's willing to trust his readers that they know 20th century art well enough that he can mix Bas Jan Ader, Rauschenberg, and Matthew Barney references in with his own characters like the art-star hopeful Cupcake and the detective Mr. Colostomy (a. talking. horse.)

What Matthew does is come at the Art World from all angles. We drop in on conversations between art handlers, inept and talented students, bored and visionary professors, gallerists, art stars past and present. Is Art Comic about a corrupt and cynical business or an industry of beauty and truth? Both? Certainly it's the only book out there to detail the art scenes on several different planets as well as featuring the exhaustive sexual positioning of a pair of performative sex robots.

What does Jeff Koons make of all this? What does God make of all this?

It is unlikely that you will read a funnier, bawdier, weirder and, dare I say, more educational graphic novel this year. Matthew Thurber is one of comics great visual thinkers and this is his finest book to date. Put your pants on and go out there to your local bookstore and demand a copy!