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The Snooty Bookshop is now open: {It's not an actual bookshop, it's a postcard collection!}

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The wind grows cold, the leaves fall from the trees, in the morning the grass crunches underfoot with fresh frost, the sky is clear and grey. Recently Peggy and I were traveling through Germany as part of a delegation of North American comics. The days were long and we’d unwind by taking a seat at an outdoor cafe and sipping a kolsch-style beer or two. After our inevitable argument about whether a kolsch is an ale or a lager subsides we like to write postcards to friends back home. Of course, Peg and I have different styles. She is more hear-felt and to-the-point and my cards tend to be more discursive and maddeningly free of detail about time or place in an attempt to evoke a mood. Who is to say which is the better approach?

Now the only way to really do this is with a handful of cards plucked off a wire rack at a local newsstand. But who is going to risk that? What if the only postcards you can find are the ones stacked on the counter of your hotel advertising some sort of local electronic music show that starts at 3am? It’s a crapshoot. Well, it’s not a crapshoot if you pack a handful of Tom Gauld’s cards from THE SNOOTY BOOKSHOP collection of hilarious literary gags. What better to inspire the travelling scribe than a hilarious Jonathan Franzen joke.

Or perhaps a survey of Literary Birds of the British Isles?

While you ponder how to condense a 1,000 mile Eurorail trip into 30 words maybe chuckle at The Great Author Considers His Response to The Question.

Look, I know you’re not going to pack some postcards from home and take them on a trip! That’s madness! But this is one funny collection of comics (you already know that!) and you will forever more possess the heart of anyone who receives one of these cards from you. THE SNOOTY BOOKSHOP is in stores!

{You could slip this little brick right into a stocking, you could!}