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The best way to celebrate International Women's Day: Julie Delporte's book launch

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This Friday, we had the absolute delight of hosting Montreal-based cartoonist Julie Delporte's launch for This Woman's Work on International Women's Day! Earlier in the week she painted this gorgeous window display for our shop in honour of the book's release.

Here's Julie hard at work on her window.

A very full house came out to celebrate the launch with Julie.

Publisher Peggy Burns provided the introduction to the evening. Peggy recalled the first time she saw Julie present her work, at one of R. Sikoryak's Carousel performances, and how bowled over she was by Julie's distinctive style and poetic voice. The next day she walked into DQHQ and set about putting the wheels in motion so we could publish Julie's next book.

Then Julie and Aleshia Jensen, one of This Woman's Work's two translators (alongside Helge Dascher), came up to chat about the book's origins, Julie's influences, and how This Woman's Work morphed as she was writing it. Aleshia and Julie discussed the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways power and gender inflect each other in the structures of the French language, a topic which Julie explores in This Woman's Work.

Julie's fans came out in numbers! Here's a group of current and former Librairie D+Q staffers: Alyssa Favreau, Kate Lewis, Daphne B, and Chantale Potie.

Luc Bosse of Pow Pow publishes Julie in French, including Moi aussi je voulais l'emporter. Here he is catching up with Pascal Girard.

I know Peggy and I weren't the only ones who were jealous of Daphne's custom Julie Delporte backpack.

Illustrator Ed Kwong catches up with super librarian Amie Wright.

I wish I was in on whatever joke Senior Editor Tracy Hurren and Retail Director Rebecca Lloyd had going on here!

Lib D+Q staffer Alyssa Favreau and DQHQ Production Manager Alison Naturale!

Translators Helge Dascher and Aleshia Jensen caught chuckling with Julie Delporte.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this such a special night! And a special shoutout to our publishing fellow Tamara Elali, who took all the nicest photos in this blog post.