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Must Be A Woman's Handiwork: New Julie Delporte

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I first fell in love with Julie's work in 2012, when she appeared on stage at Librairie D+Q as part of Bob Sikoryak's Carousel exhibit. Her swirling color pencils, romantically lettered in cursive, comics steeped in broody pensiveness stopped me in my tracks. I immediately wanted to publish her comics.

And we did, in 2014 with Everywhere Antennas. This is Julie's melancholic rendering of isolation due to 21st-century technology.

Julie returns with another contemplative masterpiece with This Woman's Work, named after the Kate Bush song about childbirth. 


This book is an evocative exploration of being a woman both in language and form.



It is the story of Julie's relationships, her trauma, her anger with the patriarchy, her discomfort with being a woman and most of all it's a love letter to her hero.


It's seemingly quiet and mournful in tone until you realize it's seething in anger.

Julie Delporte. Photo by Kate Mada.