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Leaving Richard's Valley in stores NOW!: Build the Michael DeForge Library

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We find ourselves in this place a couple times of year with Michael DeForge. How do you talk about a cartoonist who is so prolific that he often releases not one but two major works a year? Cartoonist who is so restlessly creative that each new work reads like an artistic leap?


The latest? LEAVING RICHARD’S VALLEY.  Not that long ago Michael set about producing a daily comic strip with the hopeful intent that it would add up to one continuous story while still maintaining that daily integrity that makes a daily strip so fun to read. Over time, Michael has learned how to juggle a larger and larger cast of characters and in many ways LRV is the perfect showcase for that.



So what is this shiny shiny book all about? In short, let’s say, cults, social groups, gatherings, gentrification, revenge, insecurity, independence. Does this comic have a weight lifting frog who becomes an influential sculptor? Of course it does.


This book is a marvel. Get on it. Build that DeForge library! What have you been waiting for?