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Seth's Clyde Fans: A masterpiece finally collected

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How do we even talk about Clyde Fans at this point? Seth has been at this comics game for a while. He’s got a half-dozen graphic novels under his belt. You have a rough idea what you’re in for. Seth has his usual concerns. And yet. AND YET.




First let’s talk about the absolute gorgeousness of the presentation for this book. Its hardbound slipcased edition. Seth has a very specific two-colour idea for the slipcase based on vacuum cleaner supply boxes. The initial hope was for the slipcase to be corrugated cardboard but our tests showed that this would damage far too easily (a shame!).



The book itself is a brick. A glossy metallic brick. With a die-cut cover (the window of the Clyde Fans shop of course). It all fits together snugly. And as you would imagine, the endpapers and front and back matter are imaginative and extensive. By now, Seth has pioneered the “long lead in” of book design. Let’s take a few pages to see the “set” of the “piece” if you will. Atmosphere is everything in a Seth comic and he puts you there even before you’ve begun reading! 



Okay, so Clyde Fans is in stores today! Go get it! Catch him on tour in Toronto, New York, Winnipeg, Vancouver, L.A., Guelph, and Montreal! I will write more tomorrow. We’ll get into the meat of the book and talk a bit about the story. After that I’ll discuss Seth's art approach for this book and look at some of the themes. It is a massive all Seth’s Clyde Fans celebration.