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Walt and Skeezix 1933-1934: Volume 7 in stores NOW!

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The new Walt & Skeezix book has just been released and I think it might be my favourite (so far!) in this long-running series. Let’s start with what’s on the outside: isn’t this Chris Ware-designed jacket absolutely gorgeous?

The introductory pages are filled with never-before-seen material relating to the life and work of Frank King, including rare unpublished artwork and notebook drawings, personal family photos, and heartbreaking correspondence between King and his son Robert, who spent much of his school years at a distant boarding school.

King’s comic strip enters a new important phase in these pages, as Skeezix begins his adolescence and has to try to get by while navigating the harsh realities of the Great Depression. Skeezix becomes a more prominent central character in the strip, as Jeet Heer writes in his introduction: “While King would alternate between the members of his cast, the 1930s was definitely the period when Skeezix came into his own as the major figure, and the strip evolved with him from boyhood to early adolescence to full-bloom teenhood.”