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Clyde Fans (a fan's notes): This could go on for days (and it will.)

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Clyde Fans is the story about two brothers Simon and Abe. The book opens in 1997 with Abe as he delivers a monologue directly to the reader about sales. At the time that the first issue was published, this was a bit of a shock. This sequence actually stretched over a few issues (it’s the first 96 pages of the book). Seth was breaking a rule that was then considered hard and fast—show, don’t tell. 



This achieves an amazing effect. Seth immerses us in this small-time businessman’s world of bullshit and bravado and shows us just how much he loves to talk. He shows a tired old man go about his morning routine. The old man’s Nostalgia (not Seth’s) is transparent. {We’ll talk about Seth and nostalgia next time.}



After this we’ll jump back 40 years to 1957, when it’s time for Simon to take centre stage.



Again, Clyde Fans is in stores this week and Seth is out on the road making stops in Vancouver (tonight!), LA (tomorrow!), New York, Toronto, Guelph, and Montreal. Is he coming to a town near you?