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Is this the end or just the beginning?: Tom’s slapdash CF breakdown maybe comes to a close

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The final section of Clyde Fans is glorious. We finally see what happened to Simon on that day in 1957 when he wandered away from his hotel and plopped at the base of a tree. 

I will avoid any kind of detailed description. There is nothing quite like what Seth does here in the history of comics. 

This section is dreamlike, meditative, revelatory. Seth never has Simon say "I was lost, I was sad, I was confused." Instead he takes YOU the reader on a journey that makes you feel all these things. 

Simply, Clyde Fans is quite possibly the single most evocative comics work ever made. 

If you're in Toronto, you should come to the AGO tonight to see a performance of Clyde Fans by actor William Webster, directed by Derek Boyes, followed by a Q&A between Seth and Mark Medley. It's going to be a wonderful celebration!