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Lisa Hanawalt's Tuca and Bertie is the TV show of our dreams

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We're so excited that Lisa Hanawalt, creator of Coyote Doggirl, Hot Dog Taste Test, and My Dirty Dumb Eyes, has her very own show. Tuca & Bertie is streaming now on Netflix and as we could have predicted, it's getting phenomenal reviews.... because it's very good!!! 

And in recognition of Lisa's genius, there are some excellent profiles and interviews with her from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times to NPR's All Things Considered to this in-depth piece at the California Sunday magazine, which includes D+Q author Kate Beaton and senior editor Tracy Hurren.

If after reading those, you (like me) still want to read more about the Tuca & Bertieverse, here are some reviews that will get you up to speed: 

"A hallucinatory, messy story, about two bird-women exploring their past and future, that crawls inside its own egg and finds art."The New York Times 

"Part of Tuca & Bertie’s charm is how the brightness of Hanawalt’s animated world balances the mystifying and mundane circumstances her characters encounter."The Atlantic 

"Tuca & Bertie is raucous, heartfelt, surreal, and distinctly female."The AV Club

"A slyly funny and often poignant tale of female friendship."Rolling Stone

"Tuca & Bertie will feel very familiar, in a good way—like making a new friend with whom you already have a lot in common."Glamour 

"The anxiety-inducing scenarios that commonly afflict Millennial women—workplace and street harassment, job stagnation, sexual frustration—have always been ripe with potential for dark comedy. Tuca & Bertie finally takes advantage of these themes, [offering] a multidimensional view of 30-year-old metropolitan womanhood in all of its wonderful microaggressions and banalities."Vice

Once you're all caught up on Tuca & Bertie, I recommend a healthy dose of rereading Lisa's graphic novels. Happy Hanawalting, everyone!