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The Worst Book Ever by Elise Gravel: In stores today!

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Elise Gravel is one of the most exciting artists making comics for kids today. We knew that when we published her first D+Q book—If Found, Please Return to Elise Gravel—and it just gets increasingly true with each subsequent book. The joyfulness she brings to her work is contagious. She's a person who loves life, and that's so apparent with her goofy, loveable, sassy characters. 

In The Worst Book Ever, Elise Gravel tells the world's most boring story, and accompanies it with a chorus of very skeptical creatures. The story goes as follows: a brave prince and a beautiful princess meet, the princess loves beauty, the price loves bravery, the princess is attacked by a monster, the prince defeats the monster, the prince and the princess fall in love, all is well in the kingdom.

While this tired tale is being told, a spider, a dust bunny, and a nondescript blob read alongside and share their very funny insights on all that makes this story absurd! They roll their eyes at the heavy handed gender stereotypes, and the lack of diversity; they are aghast at the shameless product placement, and spelling errors; and are profoundly bored by the excrutiatingly slow plotline. 

And worst of all, these poor self-aware beasts are stuck in the book! Ho-hum.

The Worst Book Ever is in stores now. If you're in Montreal, please join us at La Petit Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (176 Bernard) on June 2nd at 1:00 pm to celebrate the launch of this wonderful book! In the spirit of Putrick the Prinse, we will be serving up veggie hotdogs for all!