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The Follies of Richard Wadsworth: In stores now!

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Nick Maandag came to our attention a few years back now with his cult comic Streakers. What was this comic? Everyone at the festival was talking about it. Its bizarre humour. Its skillful cartooning. The surprise of it all. It was exciting and unexpected to find that comic. He's put out several comics since that have only built on all those strengths. Each work is unwavering in its commitment to wild and imaginatively plotted jokes. The stories in The Follies of Richard Wadsworth are very, very funny. À la The Office, and Peep Show, these stories suck you right in from the beginning, making you laugh and cringe simultaneously as these foolish men confidently stumble their way through the world.

In the title story, a philosophy professor tries to woo his students and collegues with his impressive grasp on academic jargon, and develops an inappropriate crush. After making some catastrophic attempts at flirtation, he realizes that the social world is not a world for him, spends a few days in the woods, and finds peace shelving books at the local library.

In the second story, "Night School," a fire chief responds to a false alarm at a local college, and decides to neglect his duties and sit in on and participate in a "Modern Managerial Business Administration and Operational Leadership" class, fascinated by the subject. When students ask reasonable questions, the fire chief is offended by their interruptions on behalf of the teacher and takes this opportunity to exercise his own method of discipline. Chaos ensues.

In the final story, "The Disciple," a young monk is distracted by feelings of lust toward his peers in a co-ed monastery, and has a lot of trouble focusing on his religious studies. The young man seeks help from his Master, only to discover that he suffers from the same ailment!

If you're in Toronto, join Nick to launch The Follies of Richard Wadsworth on Friday June 14th at The Beguiling (319 College St). The evening will begin with a presentation of Nick's comics, followed by a conversation with Chester Brown!