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Glenn Ganges in: The River at Night: Kevin Huizenga casually changes to rules of comics

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I’ve been especially proud of our graphic novel releases of 2019. Not only have there been spectacular debuts by Travis Dandro (King of King Court) and Sylvia Nickerson (Creation) but brilliant turns by Julie Delporte (This Woman's Work), James Sturm (Off Season), and Michael DeForge (Leaving Richard's Valley). Seth finally completed his career highlight Clyde Fans confirming his thoughtfulness and undeniable influence on our favourite art form. Glenn Ganges in: The River at Night by Kevin Huizenga feels like the same kind of defining work of art for the medium. Kevin created a blueprint for his particular brand of intellectual curiosity years ago with his youthful masterpiece Gloriana but The River at Night is a whole other thing. It’s an expansion on that earlier approach. 



The River at Night begins with Glenn walking to the library. That first chapter “Time Traveling” is a casual mindblower. Glenn reflects on the routines that we all repeat over and over again and how our minds can drift into the past and how we can lose our sense of time as we cover the same ground, at the same time of day, in different seasons, or same seasons. This is a short intro to how the rest of the book unfolds. Kevin takes this basic idea of trying to visualize a sentence like “Every Saturday I walk to the library” and explodes it into an entire book. His digressions are thoughtful and hilarious and manic. The passages are alternately encyclopedic, diaristic, comedic and mind-blowing. I’ll write more in the coming days but for now please take a look at these images and the opening chapter of The River at Night called “Time Travelling.”

Kevin Huizenga will be on tour this fall, making stops in Columbus, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Austin, and Portland!