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Sylvia Nickerson's CREATION is here!: The strongest run of graphic novels ever seen continues

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Sylvia Nickerson has seemingly come out of nowhere with the most personal and emotional graphic novel about gentrification and our roles as city dwellers in how we can affect change. Sylvia's artwork perfectly captures the wide space and deep grime of an industrialized city.
A young mother reflects on raising a child in a depressed industrial city as neighbourhoods begin to enjoy a revival. Of course, this means displacement of the homeless and poor and long time residents as well as the arrival of boutiques and developers. Sylvia looks at the residents and how they live and die in a city long poisoned by industrial waste and declining commercial interests.
What happens to an area that artists claim as their own? What happens when developers see an opportunity in that area? Who are the real residents? What happens to those people as the neighbourhood changes? Sylvia makes the startling and very effective decision to render the characters as ghost-like figures. They are faceless and interchangeable beings adrift in the city. We are any one of these people—the new mom, the homeless man camped out by the church, the people waiting in line at the food bank or just wasting time on the corner, the woman who begs for change.
Creation is a revelation and we're lucky to have such an engaged and interesting new cartoonist making comics. (What an amazing comics year this has been so far and will continue to be in the coming months!)