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The Greatest Comic Book of All Time!: {It's Little Lulu of course.}

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Marge's Little Lulu: Working Girl is the first of six volumes of chronological "Best Ofs" from John Stanley's run on what many comics fans consider the single best comic book of all time. This collection contains the entirety of the first three issues of the Little Lulu comics which were written and drawn by John Stanley. It also includes a selection of the best stories from the next thirteen issues, the covers for those 16 comics, as well as an essay from leading Lulu scholar Frank Young.
Oh, and the introduction is by our old friend and literary legend Margaret Atwood. How about that?!
Many of these comics have not been produced in full-colour this nicely before. Little Lulu reprints have had a checkered past to say the least. When the six volumes are out, there will be nearly 2,000 pages of the best Lulu comics ever made. We hope you'll agree. If you've never read very much Lulu before or have never even seen how great John Stanley's own cartooning can be this is the place to jump on board.
I've talked so much about the work of John Stanley and his Little Lulu comics that I feel like at this point I'm just repeating myself and everybody has heard me go on and on. John Stanley is one of those rare geniuses. He always considered himself as "just a guy doing his job" yet the clarity with which he fleshed out the characters of Lulu and Tubby and the inventiveness of the situations he ran them through is something to behold.
Stanley had an empathy and understanding of children and their motivations that was remarkable especially since he only had children of his own years after he no longer wrote the Lulu comics. These comics aren't kids stories pandering to kids. These are great stories for anyone of any age that just happen to be about kids.
Finally, just a bit about the afterword by Frank Young. No single comics writer has done the research and deep examination of how Stanley stories work (visit his essential Stanley Stories blog.) Comics is lucky to have someone so dedicated to this great master. Frank has not only uncovered so many lost masterpieces by this John Stanley but he's also been able to break down just what makes John's comics so appealing.
Hit your local bookstore or hound your local comic shop to carry these books. You won't regret it.