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Disa Wallander's Becoming Horses: In Stores Now

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When Disa Wallander sent me her initial version of Becoming Horses I was surprised how the cartooning seemed from a distant past but the philosophical concerns were very now. There’s definitely a charming Feiffer-esque ala Phantom Tollbooth-style journey as well as vignettes that are reminiscent of his “Dance to Spring” strips.

While at the same time, Disa’s characters struggle to figure out just who they are and what makes them happy. There’s a hint of the experimental animation of Sesame Street and Faith and John Hubley in the Becoming Horses set pieces as well. Not in a slavish way but in the free-wheeling, lightly psychedelic, and conversational tone. The fact that nobody else is making comics like this is almost shocking! It seems so obvious.

For me, the playfulness is key. The characters are struggling (exploring?) but their struggle seems to embrace, rather than oppose, the unknown. This means, combined with Disa’s loose and rubbery drawings, the big and small questions are fun. Becoming Horses is in stores today! Get it! It will become a dear old friend in your life.