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Well, it's been quite the unusual few weeks. 

We at D+Q love independent retailers: they go above and beyond, they handsell, they advocate for the books they love. Local independent bookstores around the world have been forced to rethink their business models with the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 -- and they're doing an amazing job, often with a skeleton crew! Staff at these beloved stores have been finding new ways to reach you as government regulations change daily. We need graphic novels now more than ever, and these retailers are making books available for all of us. As you'll see, our own Montreal brick-and-mortar shops are also fulfilling orders, offering deliveries, and shipping books Canada-wide. 

We wanted to take this moment to give you all the information we can to support your local independent bookstores and comic shops. If you don't see your local shop listed below, please check our store locatorIndieBound, and And if that still comes up empty, another great option is to check out, where many indie bookstores have created affiliate accounts. 

Happy shopping!

Athens, GA - Bizarro-Wuxtry Comics - Phone orders and curbside pickup, mail-order, on eBay as wuxtryrecordsathens

Baltimore, MD - Atomic Books - Curbside pickup and free local home delivery

Beirut, Lebanon - Papercup - Online orders, delivery service, and shipping

Berkley, MI - Toadvine Books - Local delivery

Bethany Beach, DE - Bethany Beach Books - Open and doing online orders

Boston, MA - Harvard Book Store - Online orders

Brookline, MA - Brookline Booksmith - Online and phone orders, gift cards

Calgary, AB - Shelf Life Books - Local deliveries, curbside pickup

Calgary, AB - Pages on Kensington - Local deliveries, curbside pickup

Cambridge, MA - Porter Square Books - Online orders, shipping books

Chicago, IL - Challengers Comics and Conversation - Mail order, local pickup, home delivery, and subscription service

Chicago, IL - Quimbys Books - Online orders and shipping

Cold Spring, NY - Split Rock Books - Online orders with $2 shipping and free shipping on orders of $30 or more

Concord, CA - Flying Colors - Limited Curbside Comic Service

Dublin, Ireland - Big Bang Comics - Mail order and pre-arranged collections, you can get anything through our site

Gainesville, FL - Third House Books - Still running and shipping

Grand Rapids, MI - Vault of Midnight - Mail order everyday, with curbside pickup on Fridays

Guelph, ON - The Dragon - Online sales with free local delivery

Halifax, NS - Strange Adventures - Deliveries, curbside pick-up, mail order

Los Angeles, CA - Secret Headquarters - Shipping

Los Angeles, CA - Skylight Books - Online orders

Middlebury, VT - Vermont Bookshop - Orders and curbside pickup

Milwaukee, WI - Lion's Tooth - Surprise package or book subscription via IndieGogo 

Minneapolis, MN - DreamHaven Books and Comics - Mail order 

Montreal, QC - Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Local delivery, online/phone orders with Canada-wide shipping

New York, NY - Midtown Comics - Online orders and shipping

Nottingham, UK - Page45 - Mail order only, books available online with international shipping

Oakland, CA - Dr Comics and Mr Games - Orders and safe curbside pickup

Portland, ME - Bull Moose - Online orders, shipping over $30 is free

Portland, OR - Floating World - Mail order for subscription boxes or any in-stock comic, livestreaming events

Portland, OR - Powell's Books - Mail order, free US shipping on orders of $25 or more 

San Francisco, CA - Comix Experience - Join the monthly Graphic Novel of the Month Club

San Francisco, CA - Silver Sprocket - Mail order daily, free US shipping on orders of $25 or more

Seattle, WA - Elliott Bay Book Company - Mail order, free US shipping 

Tempe, AZ - Ash Ave Comics - Curbside pickup and delivery 

Toronto, ON - The Beguiling - Mail order only

Toronto, ON - Type Books - Free delivery and contactless curbside pickup. Gift certificates and "Mystery Bags" available

Toronto, ON - Queen Books - Toronto-wide delivery for $3

Vancouver, BC - Lucky's Comics - Local deliveries, mail orders, gift cards

Waterloo, ON - Words Worth Books - Curbside pickup and delivery 

Winnipeg, MB - McNally Robinson - Online orders available with $8 Canada-wide shipping,  curbside pickup


Bizarro-Wuxtry​ (Athens, GA)

Here at Bizarro-Wuxtry (and our parent store, Wuxtry Records), we’re making it up as we go—the bulk of our revenue is coming from a skeleton crew listing mostly toys, records and miscellanea on eBay as “wuxtryrecordsathens.” On the local front, we’re serving subscribers and well-wishers mostly through the method of phone order followed by pickup outside our door between 12 and 4 on weekdays (we can also do mail-order). Folks can reach us on Facebook, on Instagram, or by phone at (706) 353-7938.

Atomic Books (Baltimore, MD)

We will continue to process mailorder as always, or until the books stop being printed! For local folks we have the options of Curbside Pick Up and Free Home Delivery (within a 2 mile radius of the shop) as a checkout method!

Papercup (Beirut, Lebanon)

We have been open for almost 11 years now and have been stocking D+Q books ever since. During this lockdown period, we are providing a delivery service and regularly posting selection on our Instagram account.

Toadvine Books (Berkley, MI)

The Corona virus epidemic has of course hit all book retailers hard and we're trying novel ways to get books into people's hands. Currently all non-essential businesses in Michigan have been ordered closed by the governor, but I'm still taking book orders and furiously shipping books and delivering locally in order to keep paying the bills. Anyone who would like to place an order can contact me at, or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

Bethany Beach Books (Bethany Beach, DE)

During this time, we are open every day 10am-4pm. We are accepting orders over the phone (302-539-2522) and online. We are offering free shipping within the USA!

Harvard Book Store (Boston, MA)

In these uncertain times, a comfort: there is always something new to be read. A reminder to head on over to where we are still able to fill & ship web orders.

Brookline Booksmith (Brookline, MA)

For customers, the best support for our store is shopping online (24/7) or by calling the store (9-6, Monday-Saturday). Also, Gift Card purchases are incredibly helpful. An easy, non-monetary way to help is to follow us on our main Twitter, our kids book Twitter, as well as Instagram, and Facebook

Shelf Life Books (Calgary, AB)

We are accepting phone or online orders for curbside pickup or home delivery Monday to Saturday from 11-4. Please direct inquiries to or 403-265-1033.

Pages on Kensington (Calgary, AB)

We want everyone to feel safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We know books can be a comfort and a way to stay hopeful, so we are offering free deliveries to folks in the Calgary area until further notice. You can always call the store at 403-283-6655 and we can take care of you over the phone. We will be doing our best to deliver from 11-7pm Monday-Friday, any order placed on the weekends will be filled on Monday.

Porter Square Books (Cambridge, MA)

We're currently shipping, and offering recommendations in our newsletters! Order books here

Challengers Comics and Conversation (Chicago, IL)

Learn more about our delivery options, secure pick up, and online subscriptions here.

Quimby's Books (Chicago, IL)

We’re trying as hard as we can to serve the public while also being closed to the public. We have books up for sale on our site and occasionally eBay. The best way to support us is shopping at (where you can order merch and gift certificates). But if people prefer shopping in other ways they can e-mail us at, call us at 773-342-0910 or even video chat shop.

Split Rock Books (Cold Spring, NY)

We’re taking orders through our website and are offering $2 shipping on all orders and free shipping on orders of $30 or more. You can also purchase gift certificates in any amount! Additionally we’ve launched The Epistolary Project for our middle reader book club. It’s open to all kids everywhere.

Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff (Concord, CA)

Flying Colors is continuing to do limited Curbside Comic Service. Our hours will vary, but for the most part will be limited to Wednesday and Saturday from 11am-3pm. We are also grateful to our FlyCo Faithful who have purchased gift cards and credit on their accounts here. It's a big help!

Big Bang Comics (Dublin, Ireland)

We are open for mail order and pre-arranged collections, you can get anything through our site.

Third House Books (Gainesville, FL)

Vault of Midnight (Grand Rapids, MI)

All three locations (Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids) are offering mailorder daily, with curbside pick-up on Fridays. Order here

The Dragon (Guelph, ON)

We're closed to the public but doing online sales with free local delivery. We have two Guelph, ON locations and one store in Milton, ON. 

Strange Adventures (Halifax, NS)

We're "kind of open" - doing deliveries, curb-side pick-up and mail orders. Posting lots of photos of books we have in stock and doing our best to share the comic book love.

Secret Headquarters (Los Angeles, CA)

The storefront is closed. If you’re a current subscriber please reach out. We’ll get an email or call to you asap. Books aren’t stopping from the big distributor, so we’d like to sell you what you want. It can stay in your folders for now or we can ship. Miss you all already! / 323-666-2228

Skylight Books (Los Angeles, CA)

We're happy to say that Skylight Books is still filling orders placed on our website through our wholesale distributor. 

Vermont Book Shop (Middlebury, VT)

We are doing our part to #flattenthecurve, while also striving to maintain both our business and our sense of community. Someone will be in the store between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday–Friday for the foreseeable future to answer the phone, process orders, and facilitate curbside pickup. You can reach us at (802) 388-2061, on our website:,, or @vtbookshop on Twitter & Instagram, and @vermontbookshop on Facebook.

Lion's Tooth (Milwaukee, WI)

The best way to help us is to get a surprise package or one of our book and graphic novel subscriptions through Indiegogo. Our packages include treats like stickers, cards and magnets, and zines from independent artists, which are also for sale in our online store

DreamHaven Books & Comics (Minneapolis, MN)

We're doing mail orders! We'll be celebrating our 43rd anniversary on April 1st as well.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (Montreal, QC)

We're offering online and phone orders with Canada-wide delivery! We are also offering free local delivery. 

Midtown Comics (New York, NY)

We’re still processing orders online, and we have over one hundred Drawn & Quarterly titles available now.

Page 45 (Nottingham, UK)

Page 45 is still open for business but now switched temporarily to mail order only, with all our gorgeous graphic novels, comics and children’s picture books available to buy online at for Worldwide Shipping!

Dr Comics & Mr Games (Oakland, CA)

Although we are not allowed to be open, we are doing curbside pick-up for our stalwart customers.

Bull Moose (Portland, ME)

We are centrally located in Portland, but have several stores throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Our stores are closed but we are shipping daily from our website. Shipping over $30 is free.

Floating World (Portland, OR)

We have converted all of our inventory to an online storefront using Comichub so people can mailorder their subscription boxes or any comic that we have in stock. We look forward to staying connected with our customers through livestream author presentations, streaming sales and highlighting rare books on instagram.  

Powell's Books (Portland, OR)

All Powell's storefronts are currently closed but the online store is open and offering nation-wide shipping. 

Comix Experience (San Francisco, CA)

The best way to support us now is to join the monthly Graphic Novel of the Month Club and our Kids Graphic Novel Club for your middle readers. In addition to great books from great creators every month, we also do special livestreamed monthly broadcasts with our featured creators!

Silver Sprocket (San Francisco, CA)

Our shop is still open for mail-order and we're sending orders everyday. Free US shipping on order $25 or more!

Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle, WA)

While our sales floor is closed due to Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” mandate, we are still taking orders online and we are offering free media mail shipping. We so appreciate the outpouring of support our community and customers have shown during this time!

Ash Ave Comics (Tempe, AZ)

The Beguiling (Toronto, ON)

The Beguiling, now closed to the public and doing mail order only, has been grateful for the calls and emails from people looking for specific books and recommendations. Our customer's generosity and patience as we try virtually give them the service they have come to expect in the store has been heartening. New releases from D&Q and others, that arrived after our doors were closed are making up a substantial portion of what people ask for.

Type Books (Toronto, ON)

Type is offering free delivery and contactless curbside pickup at all three of our locations. We are also sending out Gift Certificates of any and all denominations. We are also providing a “Mystery Bag” service. $100 gets you a selection of our booksellers’ choice. Email or call 416-366-8973.

Queen Books (Toronto, ON)

We are offering Toronto-wide delivery for $3 to ensure our wonderful community has books to get them through these very scary and uncertain times.

Lucky's (Vancouver, BC)

Email for Gift Cards available in any denomination. We’ll invoice via email and then mail out daily. Follow us on Twitter, for news about stock going online, and we'll do local deliveries, mail outs, and store pickups, just send us an email! We carry pretty much everything that D&Q publishes!

Words Worth Books (Waterloo, ON)

McNally Robinson (Winnipeg, MB)

McNally Robinson Booksellers is still here to provide you with books and all of the usual items we sell, just at a safe distance. You can shop any time online or by phone, and we offer curbside pickup as well as shipping across the globe.