• Lynda Barry's Making Comics is in stores now!

    "Barry is pushing the envelope on understanding how the brain creates and responds to words and pictures." – The Washington Post
  • Eleanor Davis's The Hard Tomorrow is in stores now!

    "Eleanor Davis’s work is the most tender, humane, beautiful slap in the face. She is a bullshit antidote."—Lisa Hanawalt
  • Kevin Huizenga's The River at Night is in stores now!

    "The River at Night is perilously philosophical, goofily logical, lovingly wild...A wonderful book, to read and read again."––Rivka Galchen
  • Sylvia Nickerson's Creation is in stores now!

    "This is a deeply human, generous book."—Eleanor Davis author of The Hard Tomorrow
  • Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers is in stores now!

    "Powerful debut"—The New York TImes

Lynda Barry's Making Comics

November 6, 2019
Sometimes it’s unbelievable to stop and think that we have been publishing Lynda Barry for 12 years. I still recall the day, waaaaaay back when, when Tom, Chris and I were talking…

For Your Consideration

October 29, 2019
2019 has been a wonderful year for D+Q! This year we published 23 books by authors from 6 countries, including: 5 fictional graphic novels, 6 memoirs, 5 translations, 2 short…

Guy Delisle's Lazy Parenting

October 17, 2019
Parenting is so complicated these days, and there never seems to be a right way to parent. But if there’s anything to learn from The Handbook to Lazy Parenting , the last book in…

Eleanor Davis's The Hard Tomorrow

October 8, 2019
Environmental degradation. Chemical warfare. Government surveillance. Conspiracy theories. Elderly care. Reproduction issues. Hope. Wait, what? Does hope seem out of place here?…