• Sylvia Nickerson and Adrian Norvid double launch in Montreal

    This Wednesday, October 16th!
  • Lynda Barry's Making Comics tour with Chris Ware

  • Eleanor Davis on tour with The Hard Tomorrow

    At Charis Books in Atlanta this Friday, October 18th!
  • Kevin Huizenga on tour with The River at Night

    At Texas Book Festival October 26th + 27th!
  • Sylvia Nickerson's Creation is in stores now!

    At Comic Arts Brooklyn 11/2!

1966 (The saddest of years)

May 3, 2019
We moved forward to 1966, it’s been 9 years since Simon ended his career at Clyde Fans. Seth starts off this section with a lovely dream sequence “walking” comic. A young Simon,…

The best comic book sequence of all time

May 2, 2019
As indelible as the opening sequence of Clyde Fans is , it is followed up with one of my all-time favourite sequences in comics ever. After Abe’s wandering salesman monologue, we…

Clyde Fans (a fan's notes)

May 1, 2019
Clyde Fans is the story about two brothers Simon and Abe. The book opens in 1997 with Abe as he delivers a monologue directly to the reader about sales. At the time that the first…

Seth's Clyde Fans

April 30, 2019
How do we even talk about Clyde Fans at this point? Seth has been at this comics game for a while. He’s got a half-dozen graphic novels under his belt. You have a rough idea what…