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Acme Novelty Library Starring...

August 24, 2006
According to this article in the San Jose Mercury News , the First Amendment Project is organizing an auction where you can pay to see your name in print in the book of a…

Peace Comics

August 24, 2006
D+Q would like to give an official congratulations to Ron Rege, Jr as his band Lavender Diamond recently signed with Rough Trade in the UK, are busy recording their first album…


August 23, 2006
The ever growing enterprise of Giant Robot seems to always having something going on at one their locations that is a must-see. I would love to see the show that just opened at…

A half century of comics on TV and radio

August 22, 2006
Journalist Brad MacKay spent the past year working at CBC archives assembling this comprehensive collection of television and radio clips on (mostly) Canadian comic books. This…

Egypt Buncake

August 18, 2006
Marc Bell (creator of the beloved "petit livre" The Stacks) has a edited a survey of Canadian doodle-age called Nog A Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedooolia. Basically a…