• Yellow Yellow by Mark Alan Stamaty is in stores now!

    "Yellow Yellow is a multilayered exhortation to take charge of your destiny."–NPR
  • D+Q at San Diego Comic-Con 2019!

    With special guests, Ebony Flowers, Seth, and D+Q guests Aminder Dhaliwal, Kevin Huizenga, and Jason Lutes!
  • Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers is in stores now!

    "Vibrant and immersive."—Publishers Weekly
  • Clyde Fans by Seth is in stores now

    "A brilliant trip that plays tricks on you... a time machine." Reviewed by Brian Selznick in the New York Times!
  • D+Q at Comics Studies Society Conference in Toronto

    Drawn & Quarterly will be exhibiting at the Comics Studies Conference at Ryerson University (350 Victoria St) July 25th–27th!

Attn Halifax!

September 13, 2006
Lucky Halifaxers will enjoy the esteemed company of our dear Seth, as their smart Word on the Street organizers have invited him to be a special guest at this year's festival on…

Stocking stuffer

September 8, 2006
I know that short of posting the entire book, no one is going to believe that Joe Matt has finished the next issue of Peepshow (#14.) Well, he has and it should be in stores by…

XX art show in NYC

September 6, 2006
Given that there's no need for an exhibition entitled "Contemporary Men Cartoonists," it's great that the ladies are getting the attention they deserve. Opening today at the Adam…

Abandon The Old In Tokyo Near You.

September 5, 2006
Our first Fall title, Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Abandon The Old In Tokyo, shipped last week to accounts and in this week's Asia edition of Time Magazine there is a review: An example of…